Kindergarten Syllabus


Kindergarten Syllabus

Mrs. Rebecca Hymel, teacher


Gramercy Elementary Magnet School


“ Gramercy Elementary School will provide a Great Educational Start to ensure all students grow academically and become lifelong learners.”


  • Arrival & Dismissal

    Our school day begins at 7:55. If your child plans to eat breakfast at school, please be sure to tell them to do it before this time.  No child is permitted to be dropped off at school prior to 7:25.

    Our school day ends at 3:05.  If your child is a CAR RIDER, please make sure you have an assigned number to hang in your car’s windshield.  Because we are trying to ensure safety for our children, we are asking that you refrain from parking and walking to get your child.

    Extended Day services are available for parents who would prefer to pick their children up from school after dismissal time.  These services end at 5:20 each day.  If you are interested in Extended Day services, please send a note and information will be sent home to you so that you may register.

  • Dress Code

    Every child must follow the Dress Code policy.  Please refer to Gramercy Elementary Policies and Procedures Handbook for the rules.

  • Money Sent to School

    Whenever money is sent to school, please send it in an envelope and label if with the following information: child’s name, teacher’s name, amount of money, and the reason for sending money.  The envelope should be placed in the Daily Folder that goes home.

  • Lunch

    Every child has the option to eat the lunch provided in the school cafeteria or bring a lunch.  A monthly calendar with the menu will be sent home.  If your child brings a lunch, be sure the items can be opened independently and does not require warming.

  • Medications

    If your child must take medication at school, a parent/guardian must sign a medical release form.  Please refer to the Gramercy Elementary Policies and Procedures Handbook for more specifics and rules.  DO NOT send non-prescription medicine to school in your child’s school bag.

  • Home/School Communication

Communication between home and school is vital for your child’s education.  A weekly homework contract will come home weekly in your child’s green folder. All notices will be sent home in this folder. This is also the best place to send notes back to the teacher.  Please check it daily and sign the conduct chart that is on the back pocket of the folder.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send a note or call.



There are three major types of testing in Kindergarten.  These include Report Card testing, iReady testing, and DIBELS NEXT testing.

Report Card Testing

Report Card testing occurs throughout the school year.  Results of your child’s testing will be indicated on the Report Card using S’s, I’s, N’s, and U’s. 

S -  Satisfactory (75%-100%)

I  - Improving

N – Needs Improvement (0%-74%).

U – Unsatisfactory will only be assigned during the 4th 9weeks for skills that have not been mastered.  The report card is derived from the new Common Core State Standards



DIBELS NEXT testing is administered two times in the school year: beginning of the year (FALL) and end of the year (SPRING). Please visit the website, for more information.