Welcome to Gramercy Elementary School's Website!

School Motto:
"Building bright futures through excellence in education!"

School Vision:
 We, the stakeholders of Gramercy Elementary, foster relationships that allow us to effectively communicate and collaborate with each other in order to provide a safe, nurturing, and positive learning experience. We promote the whole child through equitable, differentiated experiences that focus on both academic and social/emotional needs. Our school sets high social and academic standards which allow students to acquire the skills necessary to be life-long learners and problem-solvers in the evolving twenty-first century.
School Mission: Gramercy Elementary School provides high-quality education in a safe, nurturing environment with equitable learning opportunities that lay the foundation for all students to become successful, productive, life-long learners.
School Values and Beliefs:
At Gramercy Elementary School, we are committed to:

● honoring instructional time. planning, implementing, and reflecting collaboratively on lessons which prepare students for life-long learning.

● analyzing student data to meet and support the individual needs of students.

● providing a positive, safe, nurturing, bully free environment for all stakeholders.

● teaching students to use and apply various problem-solving techniques.

● involving all stakeholders in the educational process.

● differentiating instruction in every setting to support all learners.

● including all children regardless of disability, gender, socio-economic status, or race.

● teaching students to interact and communicate effectively.

● ensuring students are digitally literate by authentically incorporating technology into instruction at every grade level.

Important Information to Start the School Year Off Right!

2021 - 2022 Technology Fees for Students in Grades PK - 12th

All Pre-K through 12th grade students of St James Parish Schools will be required to pay a $50 technology fee per student with the exception of households with 4 or more children that attend St. James Parish Schools. For households with 4 or more children registered in grades Pre-K through 12th grades, families will pay a technology fee maximum of $150 for the 2022-2023 school year if a waiver is applied for and approved.  Household information will be verified using JCampus to determine approval. You will be notified by email when the waiver has been approved or disapproved. Before applying for the waiver, payments must be made for the 3 oldest children of the household that attend St. James Parish Schools.  Payments for the 3 children must be made at each child’s homebase school or using MySchoolBucks (Online Payment). Documentation of payment must be retained as this information will be needed when applying for your waiver.  NO refunds will be made.


Students WILL NOT receive their iPad/accessories until all fees have been paid/waived and their technology agreement has been signed.


Fees and Waivers 22-23

Technology Fee Disclaimer:  If a family has more than 3 children in that household attending St. James Parish Schools for the 2022-2023 school year, a parent can apply for a technology fee waiver for additional children in the household.  Email the SJPS Help Desk at [email protected] or call the SJPS Help Desk at 225-265-4497 for more details.  If the waiver is approved, the total cost for the family will be $150.  Before applying for the waiver, payments must be made for the 3 oldest children of the household at each child's homebase school or using MySchoolBucks (Online Payment). Documentation of payment must be retained as this information will be needed when applying for the waiver.  NO refunds will be made.  




Interested in Paying Technology Fees Online?  Visit MySchoolBucks.com or download the MySchoolBucks App.  The document attached can assist with creating an account  

If you need assistance with creating a MySchoolBucks account, please access the MySchoolBucks Account Information  file provided.  MySchoolBucks Account Information




St. James Parish School District will continue to offer a limited number of wireless hotspot devices to students who do not have Internet access at home. This plan will enable students to “check out” a device that provides Internet service to the school’s iPad.  The plan is intended to help SJPS students access educational online resources at home. iPads and hotspots are managed to only allow access to educational online services and applications approved by St. James Parish Schools. To ensure peace of mind, these devices use internet content filtering. This device will monitor all web activity and daily and monthly data limits are also in place.   A replacement fee will be charged if the device is lost, damaged or not returned.  This device must be returned when requested or when the iPad is returned at the completion of school coursework. If you have a child that attends St. James Parish Schools and are in need of WiFi assistance for your child’s at home learning, please email [email protected] requesting more information or call 225-258-4497 from 8AM - 3PM Monday through Friday. 



Consents SMP and 1:1

Here is the link for parents to complete the Student Policy Manual and One to One Handbook online.  

Link - https://siap.ps/182859